best video (media) player for the mobiles – CorePlayer

Posted in Entertainment, nokia, open source, software, Technology by notoveryet on September 22, 2009

As I am going to buy Nokia 5530 (based on S60 v5)….

there is a problem, CorePlayer is not released for S60 v5 yet..

so, where would I play the mkv (H.264, vorbis) videos? (there is no alternative to this holy player)

for those who don’t know what CorePlayer is: CorePlayer is collection of best codecs available in the world and it plays almost all the formats you ask it,

it’s a little brother of VLC and MPlayer.

I am planning to compress my favourite movies to 200 MBs each in the above mentioned formats…. and keep in my upcoming phone…

so, I wish CorePlayer release their new version as soon as possible…. 😉