chromium browser for linux is a beta quality software now…

Posted in open source, Review, Screenshots, software, Technology by notoveryet on October 8, 2009

I just upgraded chromium browser on my machine to Chromium (Ubuntu build 28248)“…

and now it supports,

– google chrome themes

– flash without any command line arguments (–enable-plugins)

It’s now comparable to google chrome for windows… except google-talk of course…

so I’m expecting google to announce the chromium browser as a beta software [ forget alpha 😉 ] soon..


What are you waiting for…..  fire up your package manager and try it out…






Just found out, it still does not show new java based yahoo mail interface… so it cannot be called beta software yet….

nevertheless, we have now almost perfect flash support and stunning speed…

I think google will declare chromium as beta only after the implementation of some of these known problems and “google voice & video chat” support… 🙂