running KDE trunk…

Posted in KDE, KDE 4 by notoveryet on July 15, 2009

As i told in previous post that I was trying to build the KDE-trunk…

I checked out the trunk from SVN on 2nd of july itself…..but got it compiled yesterday….

yes, it took more than 10 days…

searching on google and asking the developers directly @irc, helped me on this…..

Currently, i’m running KDE 4.3.60 (KDE 4.4 >= 20090706) and SVN version of amarok and k3b… 🙂



This is how I got it working….

1) After checking out the KDE trunk (svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/KDE) from SVN, I tried to build kdelibs first…

but got some errors saying “parsing error related to cmake”… i tried a lot to fix this myself but at the end one guy on #kde-devel suggested me to update my kdelibs from SVN…

so, I updated the kdelibs (svn update) … and tried to recompile (cmakekde)….

this time I got kdelibs compiled…

2) Then I went for kdebase…. and failed…(got some errors related to phonon….)

3) when I restarted my system after that I was getting only mouse pointer on the blank screen….

4) so, I entered system with a different login… (one tip from my side, always keep a separate account for backup)

I enquired on irc again…. and came to know that I should compile the code in this order:


so, I took kdesupport from SVN, and built it… after that kdelibs again… and so on…

this time I got kdebase working, so is my main login…(big relief)….(btw, this was second time within these 10 days, I lost my login)….

5) then, i compiled all other modules without any hussle..all went smoothly….

6) Today morning I found that amarok is not working anymore…. what could be done…?

took the code from SVN, and went for compiling…. got errors (as usual)…

back on IRC and some tries here and there…and just 15 mins ago… I got amarok 2.2-SVN, up and running… (meenwhile I got k3b 1.67.0 working, too)…



That’s nice, community is really very helping….

Still there are many problems left which I need to sort out…. and I’m sure about that…..

here are some more screenpicks.. enjoy…




that’s all for now…

I’ll be back soon with updates …. till then, bye…


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