Understanding, KDE 4 is fast !!!

Posted in Dell Inspiron 1420, Intel, KDE, KDE 4, KDE 4 on windows, KDE 4.2, KDE4, Kubuntu, Laptop, Linux, Review, Vista by notoveryet on June 7, 2009

I am using Kubuntu 9.04 – i386 as my default OS (KDE 4.2.3)…..

and I have Vista installed on my laptop too…..but do not use it….

(my notebook is Dell inspiron 1420 with intel G965 graphics)….

I have been using all the KDE 4 releases including betas and RCs on my default installation which were humbly provided by Ubuntu ninjas…..and always excited with every new release because of new features and greater speed……

(using KDE, since KDE 3.4.*)

I am happy with the speed and responsiveness of the system…..

Sooo, what’s the point???

Okk, here is the thing…

today I installed KDE windows binaries, just to play with them on windows and to check how the plasma stuff runs…..

Before running KDE on windows, I had the impression that there would be some performance loss on the alien environment…..

I must admit, I’ve never seen such lightning fast applications and environment (dolphin, okular, gwenview and plasma)…..browsing pretty big pdf files on Okular…..thumbnail generation in gwenview and dolphin….everything is just snappy…….

now after using it for half an hour, native windows applications seem to me like they are running on alien plateform….

the KDE is running amazingly fast on windows……:D

I feel that KDE is running 10 times faster 😛 (I didn’t run any benchmark……just stunned with the performance) on windows than on my jaunty……

what is wrong???

I think, the main culprit for this poor performance is INTEL graphics…..the stack is under architectural changes…..and will improve in coming driver releases…..but I do not think they can ever improve the performance at the scale I just felt on here…..

even with Nvidia performance is not very good on linux….

or may be the whole X thing is letting the linux graphics down (speed / responsiveness)….


Just wanted to thank to KDE developers and all the people related to the project….

You are doing marvelous job….

I wish INTEL linux graphics improve soon.

So, now I can say (without any hesitation or doubt) that

KDE 4 is really faaaaaaaaaasst !!!!!


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