here comes THE FOUR POINT TWO…

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This beta 1 of KDE 4.2 released on 26 november.
But I installed Intrepid on 23rd so I didn’t want try this beta really !
when this is the first beta and developers have not performed any code polishing here..

One more thing, my internet connection doesn’t allow me to do experiments…
but when I saw Shayak’s blog…….only 135 MB upgrades…I decided to give it a try..
but I was not going to play with my base installation……….

Wubi came to rescue…

given 5GB for one more intrepid installation inside Bindose partition…
and just given for upgradation after including experimental package sources.

after around two hours, it was ready to restart…..(was needed since kernel was upgraded too)….

What were my expectations from it…it don’t remember now…

But after 5 mins…I must say, I was amazed with the responsiveness, various plasma animations, new goodies, reworked theme…..
It was feeling like a new desktop altogether…Believe me !!!

The developers must be having some magic wand really.

The Qt on my system is 4.4.3, the new Qt (Qt 4.5) is bringing many new performance improvements and some new features.

Let me show you some of the screenshots here….


Here, I’ll tell you the differences which I found from the kde 4.1 ………..

After relogin, the first changed thing I percieved was the panel…
bluish, cylindrical feel..

System-tray is absolutely clean and sharp…and no more disformation of the items…

the new Icon for the pluggedin devices makes perfact sense now….(first time user also could easily understand what would this icon do)…

I removed guidance-power-manager, since powerdevil service was running…
this is the best part…..powerdevil is just great !!!

Now, plasmoids show the notification (using the plasma itself)…
with veeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyy smooth animation…..
made me say WOWWWWWWW…..

A new calander has been brought, nice….though previous one was also not that bad..

New system information plasmoids are also very useful and sleek…..

The new sliders are absolutely brilliant..thanks to Huynh Huu Long for that….

and the new progression bar…is also superb…..hmmmm…smooth…

these new improvements give you a feeling of depth and 3D in the objects…
and objects look live….





now the size information of the usb pendrives can be seen by just hovering the pointer on that…
the new kickoff menu has also improved greatly……

I can get more space for icons and information by removing the menu-bar and since I’ve a wide-screen
monitor it is better to keep the toolbar vertically, instead of horizontally….
Not bad, huh????



some plasmoids, nothing to say here….you know what I’m saying…



The new thumbnailer has been improved….very fast and smooth thumbnails….
with fantastic shadows with the images…



I request you guys for one thing, here…
From nowon _never_, I mean NEVER-ever compare KDE with Vista lookwise…
for such comparision we have OS-X for God sake…


the icon preview…
has been more beautified in recent SVNs…

See the Real-state available in dolphin….



last plugged-i device message..can be seen by mouse hover on Plugged-in devices icon…



the power-devil window…



can get good realstate in konqueror too, by removing the menu bar…



our beloved Amarok….
and krunner…



see the new coping notification….
a very good example of the power of plasma technology….(KIO is great)



the new improved progression bar
see the poor downloading speed..



here, i enable the composite …




After these all screenshots….
I would say, 99.99999999999% of changes are welcomed…

But there some points (personal), which I don’t comfortable with….
– The panel style….I strongly believe it’s not the final……
I don’t like Its vistaish look…
– The options in the kde applications (“File”, “Edit”, “View”, … , “Settings”) should be more similar…
for instance, some of the application don’t have “Show menubar” option…or
“Configure shortcuts” and “Configure ” are not placed in similar order in all the applications…
But we have still more than one month to fix them….


I have totally no idea what KDE 4.3 and KDE 4.x would bring….
by working on this _beta-one_ software I can say….OS-X would start imitating usability and look of KDE for sure…(already using khtml) very soon….


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