I told you, I’m learning !!! (How does the rain come)

Posted in Science by notoveryet on May 21, 2008

I really never thought about how does the rain come. I just thought when the clouds get cooled they form into the water, and there is rain.

First thing I came to know is “Water requires a non-gaseous surface to make the transition from a vapour to a liquid”.
CRAP !!!
I’ve studied it, but never seen it in practical manner.

now I wonder, How many basic things are here, which I’m not aware of….?


Just a week ago, there was a hailstorm in my hometown…
I was wondering how it happened, since the atmospheric temperature before that day was 40 degree to 45 degree celcius.

Here is a little information about, How does the rain and the hailstorm come?, in case you escaped the point too. 😛

To understand raining, we need to understand Cloud-forming first….

When water vapour gets cooler and is in contact of tiny particles (Particulates), it condensed and formed into liquid water droplet.

These millions of droplets are what we call a cloud.

Such droplets coalesces to form a rain drop. This drop comes down when it becomes heavy enough to hold itself against the updraft (vertical movement of air).
Again, accumulation of droplets can be triggered by particulates in the air or by colliding each other (colliding two clouds).

Alright, this is clear…
but if, by cooling and colliding of clouds bring rain, where do hailstones come from…….

If by some way (may be because of storm), air gets supercooled (water went below freezing-point temperature without forming into solid) and Particulates(dust) are available, droplets start freezing on those Particulates. After gaining much ice (heavy enough) to go against updraft, they start falling down, which come generally with storm and is called “HAILSTORM”.



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