My present KDE4 desktop…

Posted in Dell Inspiron 1420, Intel, KDE, KDE4, Laptop, Linux, Screenshots, Technology by notoveryet on May 16, 2008

Here we go..
this is Kubuntu-KDE4-remix on my Dell 1420 notebook..
In first screenshot you can see the plasma – Desktop shell of KDE4 desktop…
Here you can see some plasmoids,
going clockwise,
Sticky Note, Digital clock, Anolog clock, Coremoid, Device notifier, Picture frame, Twitter and Battery.
Apart from beauty, plasma is quite handy and very resource friendly.

Plasmoids on the Kubuntu-KDE4-hardy desktop

Next screenshot is showing Dolphin (default File manager, replaces Konqueror), Kate (KDE advanced text editor) and Okular (document viewer for KDE4).


Here we can see System monitor (showing CPU Load, Physical memory, Load average and Swap memory), Gwenview (Image viewer), The Konqueror (they call it Swiss-knife) and SpeedCrunch (Simple calculator application).


In next screenshot, KmPlot (A mathematical function plotter), KGoldrunner (An arcade game) and Dragon player (Default video player for KDE4).


KDE4 is something, make you forget VISTA and even OSX.
and this is just the beginning.
KDE4 version you are looking at is KDE 4.0.3
In july KDE 4.1 is coming, based on Qt 4.4,
yes, you are right !!!
The goodness of webkit and phonon integration…
I just can’t wait…
By the way,
I’m using Kubuntu-KDE4 as my default OS.
don’t remember when I logged in Vista last time. 😛

so Download the Live disk, try it…
and If it suits (condition is always TRUE), install it…
and one more thing, If you are afraid of partitions there is WUBI to take you out of trouble..
now you can install Linux distributions (atleast buntus’) as normal softwares in windows..
yes, no need to have extra partitions….


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